The Million $ Woman

When you have a general set of symptoms that could theoretically stem from a laundry list of ailments, the doctor in charge of treating you is left with no small task. First, they must rule out any of the BIG scary diseases and ailments. Hopefully those tests come back “unremarkable.” This is a medical term … Continue reading

My life as a Bag Lady

I didn’t realize there was a life spectrum for bags. As a baby, your parents carry a diaper bag with all your mobile necessities. As a toddler, the bag transitions to include mostly snacks and toys. Then you get to haul a back pack around for a while. And if you are a girl, you will … Continue reading

We are what what we eat eats, too

I adapted my title from this quote from Michael Pollan: “You are what what you eat eats, too.” It takes some english class pauses and emphasis to say it right. But once you master the cadence of the sentence, it makes so much sense. If we are what we eat, then by default what our … Continue reading

Lazy elf = less work!

I just saw a pin on Pinterest that was captioned something like “350+ ideas to get you started with your Elf.” WTF? Exactly how many days do they think are in December? And why has this cute, innocent little holiday tradition (which let’s face it started out as a one-month behavior modification project) turned into … Continue reading

CPR training – Just Do It

Quick, your toddler appears to be choking on a grape. What do you do? Pat her back, right? Wrong. Ok, you see someone in a restaurant grabbing at their throat. It’s ok to just run over and attempt the Heimlich Maneuver, right? Wrong. If you stopped to help a lady in respiratory or cardiac distress, … Continue reading

Hindsight is 20/broccoli

So unless you are the parent at the party that answers the question “How do you get your kids to eat veggies?” with the snarky response “Oh little Jenny, she eats every vegetable there is. We don’t have a problem. She’s so healthy.” then this post is for you. For most of us, dinner time is a … Continue reading

Gateways – not just for drugs anymore

Gateway drugs. How many times did they use that reference about weed when we were in high school? Ok, we get it. One drug will lead to more and more dangerous choices. Enough already. Well, I never had a problem keeping my gateway monitored when it came to recreational drugs. But as a bona fide … Continue reading

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!

I’m guessing everyone has their own terminology for this phenomenon. I learned my phrasing from my friend Jenny. It was a most unexpected source for this kind of topic, however. Because if you knew Jenny, you’d know how very private she is about body functions. For a gal pal that has left burping voice messages on … Continue reading

Stick family: an essay by Shana

One of my dearest college friends, let’s call her Jenny, loves to tell a story about a time at a bar in Gainesville when I entertained a small crowd with a soapbox diatribe about what we called “the shield.” Not the t.v. show and not a panty liner for when aunt flo comes. The shield we … Continue reading

A Dance Off: essential oils vs nebulizers

Seriously, is there any better way to settle an argument than with a dance off? Saved By The Bell made it cool.  Zoolander made it legendary. With this bit of honest to goodness truth out there, I am calling essential oils and breathing treatments to the dance floor. Let’s take a peek into the recent history … Continue reading