A Dance Off: essential oils vs nebulizers

Seriously, is there any better way to settle an argument than with a dance off? Saved By The Bell made it cool.  Zoolander made it legendary.

With this bit of honest to goodness truth out there, I am calling essential oils and breathing treatments to the dance floor. Let’s take a peek into the recent history at my house and see who comes out on top.

During a fluke Pinterest scanning one afternoon, I saw a pin about rubbing eucalyptus on the soles of your feet at night to quiet a cough. In a desperate state, I went home and immediately started applying Vick’s vapo-rub to both girl’s feet (R had also had a long-running cough of “unknown origin” – thanks to our now ex-pediatrician for the doc speak on that wonderful diagnosis). Amazingly, they were both cough free that night. So I borrowed some eucalyptus oil from my mom – she has a treasure trove of such things for her soap making. I started using the straight oil and continued to see results in the improvement of their coughs.

I went back to Pinterest a few days later to find and repin the article where I learned this trick and that led me to this article about essential oils. The first paragraph hooked me and I read and reread the article several times that morning before finally continuing to the essential oils webpage the author was referring to. I even felt compelled to add a comment and corresponded with the author over a few emails. Her story was so similar to ours and she had wonderful results to share. She was logical in her approach and expectations. And after our eucalyptus experiment, essential oils didn’t seem like much of a stretch.

By the following Wednesday the oil blends were in my hot little hands. I couldn’t wait to use them on P. She was clearly coming down with another cold and I even ended up keeping her out of school several days. Historically, each cold she’d endured since December resulted in at least a couple albuterol breathing treatments to get her over the hump. She hadn’t needed a treatment during this new cold yet and I really wanted to be able to prove the docs wrong. There had to be something else out there to help.

We’ve been using the same regime as the skeptic article suggested (*see below for details) and I am happy to report that Rs cough cleared up completely within a week and P hasn’t needed a breathing treatment since the end of July when she finally kicked the last of the pneumonia. Of course, the pulmonologist we sought out for a second opinion wasn’t too interested in my findings and excitement. Whatever. I guess homeopathic cures and home remedies don’t exactly pay his bills, but it wouldn’t kill a medical professional to be in the know on alternatives to meds. Especially when there is so much out there to weed through and still ensure your safety and health of your family. When patients get desperate, they go searching the internet (see “OMG I think I have PCD”). It would be nice to have professional, informed and positive input on these matters every once in a while. Not just $40 copays for a 10-minute drive-by appointment only to have meds to treat symptoms thrust on you. Ooh, and then later the same doc will subscribe more crap to treat the side effects of the first drug. Sign me up. How ’bout we get to the bottom of the cause(s) first and fix everybody that way, Patch Adams style!

The doc that said R had a cough of unknown origin actually said: “give her a few puffs on the baby’s nebulizer once in a while – it couldn’t hurt.” Wow – you get paid to dispense this shit?

If you want to see fast action, then tell a parent to sit and wait and watch – ain’t gonna happen. Parental instincts do not come with a pause button and when answers are needed, moms and dads (and sometimes even grandparents) are to the rescue for sure.

Bring it on.

This is also a testament to always being your own best advocate when seeking medical care. Doctors are people too. They don’t always have all the answers. The best you can do is find doctors that you respect, that listen and that you trust. Do yourself a favor and keep your mind open to all possible avenues of healing. There’s a lot to be said for some old school methods. Before we lose the connection to the past, ask your grandmother or a great aunt what her mother or grandmother used to treat a cough, stuffy nose, rash…you just might find a prescription for a better cure and a little peace of mind.

(Drum roll please)

We’d like to declare the official winner of this dance off is…..

Yours till the chocolate chips, S

*I bought the OnGuard blend and the Breathe blend from doTERRA. We’ve been using the OnGuard blend on R’s feet every night for a month (straight application, drop on my finger and rub it in). P gets OnGuard on her feet morning and night. In my correspondence with the skeptic article author, she said she used the OnGuard twice daily when her little guy was coming down with something, actively sick or had a germy encounter on the horizon – i.e. a trip to Disney or indoor playground, etc. We have used the Breathe oil on P’s chest every night for a month (mix two drops of oil w/ unscented lotion or coconut oil). When the girls are officially out of school – one more day! – I will likely back off the treatments unless a germ has invaded our house.

5 thoughts on “A Dance Off: essential oils vs nebulizers

  1. Just found your blog in my albuterol vs. essential oil research. You are so right about a mom’s reasearch. I am so disheartened by the trend in western medicine to treat symptoms and not the cause. My 4 year old son has recurring ear infections, allergies (animal and dairy), sinusitis, asthma and respiratory issues. Antibiotics aren’t working. We left the chiropractor’s office this morning with the exact brand of oils you mentioned – doTerra Breathe and OnGuard. Hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for your article. :)

    • I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. I tried the oils b/c I felt desperate and was willing to try anything, especially something more holistic. Once we were using the oils, my daughter made it thru that initial cold w/o any inhalers or meds. We used the Flovent per the real doc’s advice for about a month, but she clearly didn’t need it at that point and hasn’t had any need since September 2012!

      Much like the original article I linked, we now use the OnGuard anytime someone in the house is sick, we are around someone who is sick or are going somewhere with a lot of potential exposure. We have been cold free for almost 6 months. I use the Breathe if I hear any tightness starting in her chest. I just can’t get over the difference. Coconut oil has been the best mixer oil. It’s also good for her dry skin and rashes, which also almost completely disappeared with the reduction in her asthma issues.

      You’ll be enjoying a very relaxed state here shortly as your son starts to feel so much better!! Oh and we also stopped milk in this process too. I think that’s a big part in the asthma/allergy portion of it all.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • I have a friend who is a young living essential oils rep and I inquired with her about what to do for my daughters cough and cold.. she told me that I could mix eucalyptus and clove oils and mix with coconut oil and put on their feet at night. I have tried it on myself and it works like a charm! I also I
      Was inquiring about using essential oils in our nebulizer that we normally use for breathing treatments. This is what we did for my daughter and recently for myself. Mix two batches of saline solution ( 1 cup hot purified water, 1/4 teaspoon sea salt). In one batch add 3 drops of therapeutic grade clove oil and in the other 3 drops of therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil. You could also make a few other batches of saline solution and use 3 drops of the breath oil you all use. Either way. You would alternate between using each mix. and you can treat every 2 hours. It’s amazing the difference they make! Especially the clove mix! It works sooo much better for asthma than albuterol!

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